Delicious Honey Straight From the Hive

Enjoy the Natural Flavors of This Sweet Nectar

Honey and bee

Taste the Sweet Difference of Our Raw Honey

At Wilmington Honey Bee, we locally source our sweet products from our bee farm. This approach allows us to offer delicious honey in its most natural and raw form.

About Wilmington Honey Bee

Based in Wilmington, Massachusetts, we are a family-owned and operated apiary where our beekeepers raise bees and harvest their sweet nectar. Our goal is to supply raw honey filled with beneficial nutrients and antioxidants to our customers.


Our Humble Beginnings

It all began when our owner and his son tried a hobby together. His son developed an interest in green living and carbon footprint reduction. This passion influenced their family's decision to raise chickens, do beekeeping, and perform composting.

Our owner also saw this as an opportunity to teach his son about starting and growing a business. Thus, Wilmington Honey Bee was established.

Buy Quality Honey From a Reliable Source

Place an order for our premier raw honey by getting in touch with us today. It would be our pleasure to share our sweet products with you. We look forward to hearing from you and accommodating your order for our pure honey.